Distinctive wine tasting experiences in Transylvania


For years now, we participate at all kind of wine related activities in Cluj-Napoca.


We started to get interested in the wine cellars, but contrary to foreign country experiences. here we had to spend long time investigating local opportunities, finding out where the wine cellars are, how and when can we visit them and so on. This brought us to the idea that as long as nobody started to organize wine tastings at wine cellars, let’s do it now!

Besides the wine tasting, we now had the opportunity to visit places where we’ve never been, we realized in how much noise do we live in, and of course, we had the chance to learn new and interesting things, like: what does ‘concealment’ mean in the vineyard or for example what’s the difference between goat and sheep milking.

Who is interested in wine making and wine tasting, would like to find out where the vineyards are and how are the wines created, and of course would like to spend a couple of happy hours, should join us!

We are very keen in discovering new places, thus, in case you know a wine cellar where we have been yet, let us know and we’ll do our best to organize an unforgettable wine tasting in that place, for you and of course, your friends!